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Commercial & Farm Tires

Whatever your industry, you rely on tires to keep equipment moving and profits growing. At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service, we have commercial truck tires and farm tires for sale at competitive prices. When you're looking for new semi-truck tires or tractor tires, turn to our team and expansive inventory to meet your needs. Fleet tire service is available.

Call (508) 583-5031 for a competitive price quote, We serve farmers and businesses across West Bridgewater, MA, Bridgewater, MA, Brockton, MA, and many surrounding areas.

Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial & Farm Tires in  West Bridgewater, MA

Your commercial fleet faces diverse weather and road conditions over long miles of road. You need commercial tires that get your trucks to their destinations, and you don’t have time to slow down.

No business should stop for bad tires. When you're ready for replacements or you suspect you aren't getting the best ROI from your current commercial tires, contact Kenwood Tire & Auto Service. We have a wide selection of commercial tires for sale from popular and respected brand names. Tell us about your fleet, and we'll show you tires with features that optimize performance in the areas you need.

As a fleet manager in Massachusetts, you’ll eventually need new commercial tires for your trucks. Whether you're happy with the current brand and style of tire you use or you're looking to switch, our team can help you out.

Rough Roads Need Tough Tires

If one of your commercial vehicles needs tires, call (508) 583-5031. We can get your vehicle in for an appointment and get it outfitted with the toughest tires for the job. Commercial tires are different from passenger tires; they need to be durable for long hauls on large vehicles.

Commercial tires are manufactured for light and medium truck and industrial uses. Our commercial tires feature various tread patterns and depths. We also have tires made for specific load weights and weather conditions.

Farm Tires

Commercial & Farm Tires in  Bridgewater, MA

Managing a farm can be a tough job. Without the right agricultural tires, it can become an even tougher one. You need your farm equipment to be up to par to maximize time and profitability; this means replacing worn AG tires and choosing the right new farm tires for your needs.

No matter how good your machinery is, it can’t run without good tires. Don’t neglect them. Kenwood Tire & Auto Service assists the local farming community across West Bridgewater, MA, Bridgewater, MA, Brockton, MA, Easton, MA, and surrounding areas in finding the best AG tires. Call (508) 583-5031 to get started.

We sell farm and agricultural tires from respected brands, so you know you’re getting a quality tire.

Times Change: Farm Tires Get Better

Over the last century, farm equipment has come a long way. Today's farm tires have also grown to better serve the farming community. Today, your AG tires can effect your machine performance, crop yield, and profit. If you want to get more done in less time with better results, it's important to choose a farm tire with features that complement your type of work.

Our farm tires are specifically designed to handle higher-capacity jobs performed by farm equipment. Our farm tires give you added traction and improved wear, improved load carrying capabilities and a reduction in soil compaction, meaning you can get the job done quicker and easier. All of our AG tires assure you’ll get long tread life, which means your equipment will be running longer.

At our shop, we stock agricultural tires for a wide variety of farming equipment—no machine is too large! Whether you need farm tires for 1 or 20 pieces of equipment, we can help you locate the right tire for your agricultural needs.

We stock tires for the following farm equipment:

  • Backhoes
  • Cultivators
  • Sorters
  • Harvesters
  • Trailers
  • Combines

  • Tractors
  • Sprayers
  • Handlers

To help you locate the right replacement farm tire, our sales staff will want to know the size of the tire, the size of the rim, the overall diameter, maximum load carrying capacity, and tire type (radial or bias). Call (508) 583-5031 to learn more about our selection of farm tires.

See Kenwood Tire & Auto Service when it’s time to buy reliable, safe, tough tires for standard duty, heavy duty, or severe duty applications. Contact us to learn more about our selection of industrial tires today.

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